COOKIE POLICY Cookies – what is this?

Cookies are pieces of data, especially small text files, that are saved and stored on your device when you use our website service.

How do we use cookies and tracking technologies?

We make use of cookie files and tracking technologies to store the information or to access the information stored on your device when you use our service. Thanks to cookies we can adjust the service to Your individual preferences and to profile and monitor Your activity in our service. Cookies that we use are safe for Your devices, free of viruses or malware. Cookie files contain the name of the domain they originate from, the period of time they are stored for on the device and the assigned value. Under no circumstances do these files allow for retrieving any information from your devices. They only give the access to selected information.

What are cookie types?

We use different cookies – they differ in size and persistence. These files may be divided in the following way with regard to their storage time on Your device:

  1. session cookies – they are stored on Your device and remain there till the browser session finishes. The recorded information is then permanently deleted from Your device memory.
  2. persistent cookies – they are stored on the Your Device and remain there until you delete them or they expire. The end of the browser session will not remove them from Your device.

The cookie files that we use may be also divided with regard to their origin as follows:

  1. first-party cookies – are stored by the domain (website) you are visiting directly,
  2. third-party cookies – are created by domains other than the one you are visiting directly, and whose domain components have been used by us (e.g. Google Analytics).
Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies in order to:

  1. carry out the configuration of your system, including the personalisation of its content and functionality and also to optimize its functionality,
  2. verify our service Users to maintain the session after logging-in – it allows for navigating the subsites without the necessity of logging-in every time the subsite is changed,
  3. create anonymous statistics that let us analyse how our service is used – thanks to this we can improve its structure and content,
  4. obtain the information from which source a given person has learnt about us and visited our website (e.g. banner ads displayed in the third-party website),
  5. adjust the ads displayed via the service,
  6. ensure the service security and reliability.
How can You control Your consent to use cookies by us?

Using cookie files to store information or access the stored information on Your device is possible only if you express your prior consent to doing so unless the information storage or access is necessary to provide You with the telecommunications or electronic service ordered by You – then Your consent is not required.

  1. You can give Your consent using the service software settings e.g. Your website browser settings or Your device software settings.
  2. You may not give your consent or withdraw it any time, using proper browser settings or Your device software.
  3. In numerous cases, the software enabling the use of our service, first of all the website browsers, by default, allow for processing and storing cookie files on Your device. Therefore, we recommend you should check your settings and, if possible, change them according to Your privacy preferences. Remember, You can change the settings so that you will disable the automatic cookies service.
  4. If You give Your consent to enable cookies in Your software settings, we assume that You have given Your consent to use them according to the rules defined in this Cookie Policy. In such a case, we will be able to use cookie files and other tracking technologies to store the information or gain access to the information stored in Your device.
  5. If you decide to disable cookie files, you may have difficulty using some of the service functions.

While providing You with telecommunications or electronic services we may install software on Your device or make use of this software. We shall inform you about it before we install it and shall ask You to give Your consent to install and use it.

Web server log files
  1. Gaining information on some of Your activities requires server logging. This data is used only to manage our service and to ensure the most efficient hosting services.
  2. The browsed resources are identified by URL addresses. Moreover, the following items may be also stored:
    • time of arrival of the inquiry,
    • time to send responses,
    • customer's station name - identification implemented by the HTTP protocol,
    • on errors that occurred during the execution of the HTTP transaction,
    • URL address of the page previously visited by the user (referrer link) - if the website was accessed via a link,
    • information on the user's browser,
    • information on the IP address.
  3. This data is not associated with any specific people browsing the sites.
  4. This data is used only to manage the server.