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AR vs VR Differences


Augumented reality and virtual reality are similar, but there are important differences between the two technologies that affect the ways they’re used in businesses and everyday life.

In order to create an augmented reality experience, you must place digital objects on real world objects, usually using code. This can be done through a smartphone app or with a wearable device like Google Glass, which provides a heads-up display. On the other hand, virtual reality is experienced entirely within headsets with no requirement for external devices.

Augumented Reality (AR) is the use of computer-generated imagery (CGI) to create a real-world environment that is augmented by camera input, such that it can be perceived in a user's line of sight. It is a type of virtual reality technology that creates three-dimensional images for users who wear special glasses or smart phones. Augmented reality provides a layer of the real world where digital content can be overlaid on top of it.

AR is a special type of computer-generated information that can be seen and interacted with by a user wearing specialized glasses. It differs from Virtual Reality (VR) in two key areas: it does not require the use of an external display for displaying images or graphics, such as a screen; and the user can see only their surroundings, but not other people's actions around them.

Virtual reality is a sense that you’re somewhere else, and it’s a very immersive experience. It can take away a lot of the things that I like about going to museums, where I feel like I can really get inside the exhibits and really be transported by the artwork, so that’s one thing that it does for me. You could also see how technology like augmented reality and virtual reality can be useful for business as well, so that’s another benefit for all of us out here in tech to be able to build that kind of stuff.

Virtual Reality or Augumented Reality? Both technologies are important and impactful. When it comes down to it, which technology has more influence on the life, business and technology? The answer is both!

Both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are both highly valued and desired by users. AR provides a natural interaction with the physical world that exists today but can also be used for things such as gaming or mapping out workspaces. VR likewise offers virtual interactions with the real world (whether using a headset or not) but allows you to use three-dimensional objects in your presentation space – including creating holograms of yourself.

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