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What is the best Augmented Reality tool plan for your business?


You've got the big picture of what Augmented Reality offers you, and you already know you want to implement it. But who should you work with? And which plan suits the needs of your business?

In this article you will find out:

  • how onboarding process looks like with See My Model,
  • how we support our clients, and what do we offer
  • which plan is suitable for your needs.
  1. Step 1: The onboarding process and implementing Augmented Reality into your business.
  2. In See My Model we support our clients from the very beginning – we help them choose a suitable plan, or prepare a tailored offer, and make the onboarding process easier for our clients. What does it look like? And how long does it take?

    • Week 1: We analyze the development opportunities of your company
    • First things first – we check out the best way you can use the tool we offer. During deep research, we are learning more and more about your industry so we know exactly in what areas we can support your business. Moreover, we prepare recommendations for AR implementation on your website.

    • Week 2: We create a database of your products in the form of 3D models
    • You don't have your own models? We will prepare it for you! The only thing we need is a database of your products. Our designers will create pixel-perfect 3D models for your clients to check before purchasing.

    • Week 3: The prepared models are transferred into the AR world
    • Once the 3D models are ready, we are uploading them to the platform, so they are ready to be used. Prototypes of products are being extended with lines of code so your clients will be able to embed them in Augmented Reality with extraordinary precision. We overlay information onto a 3D model – like different textiles or materials, so the product might be checked in all possible variants.

    • Week 4: We implement AR technology on your website!
    • When everything is ready, we implement the offered tool on your website. As a result, your clients can check out the products, or even the whole collections in AR!

  3. Step 2: Choose the plan suitable for your companys’ needs.
  4. In our offer we have 4 available plan options that make AR technology available for a variety of companies of different needs, sizes and industries.

    • FREE plan
    • How to begin? With our Free plan! It’s a great option to start with, and to check out what kind of upgrade you are able to bring to your e-commerce. What does the Free Plan include?

      • You can add 3 products to the library,
      • Disk space of 250 MB,
      • The possibility of sharing products with QR code or URL link.
    • STANDARD plan
    • Standard plan is a great solution for companies with limited offers, who value quality over quantity of their products. Who else is it for? For companies that want to focus on sales of a few flagship products. Standard plan include:

      • Library for 25 AR products, that can be viewed up to 25,000 times per month,
      • Disk space of 500 MB,
      • The possibility of sharing products with QR code or URL link, and generating them for the whole categories of products,
      • License for commercial use, and access to product analytics data.
    • PREMIUM plan
    • Our most popular plan in the PREMIUM one. Why? It is perfect solution for companies which want to focus on building their portfolio and showcasing their products. What does the plan include?

      • Library for 150 AR products, that can be viewed up to 100,000 times per month, with personalized 360 degree preview window,
      • Support in modeling the product,
      • Disk space of 3 GB,
      • The possibility of sharing products with QR code or URL link, and generating them for the whole categories of products,
      • License for commercial use, and access to product analytics data.
    • BUSINESS plan
    • For enterprises and companies with a very wide range of needs we have prepared a Business plan – we customize the offer for each client based on their goals. Business plan gives you possibility to use:

      • Library for custom number AR products, with customized number of views
      • Unlimited disk space

      Moreover, you are able to use everything we offer in PREMIUM plan, plus:

      • Audit on the use of the platform in business, and implementation on the website, dedicated carer from team of our professionals,
      • Models creation,
      • Adaptation of the platform to the client system.

    Learn more about See My Model, and our team! Check out other reasons to work with us.

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