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3D scanning of your product

Create a 3D model of your product with scanning technology.

If you care about:
  1. Faithful reproduction of the shape of the product,
  2. Accuracies to 0.100 mm,
  3. Photorealistic quality of 3D model textures,
  4. Independence from 3D graphic designers
You should opt for this solution.
With the cooperation of DPS Software, we are able to provide you with Peel Scanners and conduct employee training. If prefer to prepare the models for you, contact us and we will estimate the service on the basis of your product by providing a sample model.
3D scanning
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What 3D scans look like:

What does the scanning process look like?

Prepare 3D model

place it on a uniform surface with reference points - 5 min

Implement AR - Step 1Implement AR - Step 2Implement AR - Step 3

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