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Are there still any issues that remain unclear to you? We hope that you will find the answer to them in the following sections of the frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer below, be sure to write to us-we will respond immediately and complete the FAQ with your question.



What products can I show in augmented reality?

Any product, really. Each product can be shown in augmented reality (AR), from small household appliances, through interior design products, online store products, cars, warehouses up to houses or apartments. The only limitation is the size of the model, which should be limited to several dozen MB if we want to use it effectively.


Who will create AR content and implement it on my website?

We, our team, or you. Our system was created in such a way that it allows every person using 3D software to easily adapt 3D models for AR. If you do not have such a specialist, please, contact us and we will prepare 3D models for you and implement them on your website.


How long will it take?

Approx. 1 day. It depends on the quantity and complexity, but as long as you provide us with necessary data, the creation of a 3D model should take 1-2 days whereas in the case of a group of models up to about a week.



Is the AR implementation process difficult?

No. As we have already mentioned before, our tool aims to simplify the entire process as much as possible. If you created the website yourself using a third-party CMS, there is a high probability that we have a dedicated plugin. If your website is dedicated, your webmaster will have no difficulty adding the model thanks to the generated JS code from our system. However, if you do not have a specialist, we can implement our solution on your website for you.


Do I need any application to use this solution or is it website based?

No, you do not need any application as this solution is a web-based interface. Our solution has been designed to minimize the need to install additional applications. The 360-degree viewer does not need any application. The AR mode uses your system AR software. If your device (i.e. phone, tablet, computer) supports augmented reality, you might only need to update the software. Our system will inform you about it if something does not work properly.


What is the cost of implementing augmented reality (AR)?

From 500 PLN a month It all depends on the scope of our cooperation. With independent implementations and using only our platform, the total cost is PLN 200-500 per month. However, if you need additional help in creating models and implementation on the website or you have more than 100 models, we will use customized pricing.



What industries can be supported by AR?

All that deal in physical products. There are examples of use in almost every industry related to a physical product. The most popular industries are the ones concerned with furniture selling and interior design, such as windows, stairs, doors and home design. However, there are also industrial solutions, such as HVAC, steel structures, machine components, and designing. We want to open up the possibility of using AR in every industry, for everyone who wants a modern and better presentation of their product to the customer before the purchase.


How will the implementation of augmented reality (AR) increase my sales?

Research shows that 70% of people have trouble making decisions and 68% would like to be able to use AR while shopping. Augmented reality supports making the right decisions that are well thought out and more realistic, because they are based on a better visualization of the final effect of the purchase of a given product. We must treat Augmented Reality on a par with other information tools, such as product renders and photos, technical information, and a nice website design. The goal of our solution is also to increase the customer's purchasing certainty and the attractiveness of the product compared to the competitions ones. Our statistics shows that approximately 20-35% of users display models in their space. Thanks to this, your product will be better remembered and the customer will less often return the product.


How can you use Augmented Reality (AR) to increase event traffic on the website?

It is very easy. Our solution can support standard marketing activities on Social Media, brochures, etc. Apart from direct encouraging to visit the website in this way, the business package includes the option of adding your own logo with redirecting to the product or company website. Moreover, customers like to use augmented reality, when they can adapt the product to their own space.



How will the use of augmented reality (AR) shorten the time of making a purchase decision by my customer?

Research indicates that up to 70% of the population has difficulty making decisions. Therefore, it is so important to engage the customer in the decision making process and build their belief in the product via augmented reality. Nothing assures us of a purchase more than seeing the product in its target environment.


If I have products in 3D, can I implement them myself?

Yes, as long as you have a properly prepared file format for the system supported by us, you can log in and adapt the model yourself.


What formats should my products be in to be able to implement them in AR?

We currently support the following formats: Obj. Fbx. Glb. Gltf. Stl. Sld. Max. Blend. 3dm. Skp.

Augmented Reality


Can the models move / be animated?

Of course. It is possible to animate the model movement in a repeatable loop.


Can my customers post my models on their websites?

Yes, as long as you have purchased a business or standard package, it is possible to use it commercially. The views on customer websites will count towards Your account.


Why do I not have a button to add a model in AR to my phone?

Perhaps this is because your phone does not support Augmented Reality technology.

How to use?


How can you use Augmented Reality (AR) in the design of apartments and houses?

Thanks to our platform, you are able to consult the work progress with customers at any stage much faster. Using the generated link, you can send them a design or its part so that the client can see the effect of your work. You no longer need time-consuming renderings or documentation creation and the customer can easily imagine the end result.


How can you use augmented reality (AR) in e-commerce?

Increasing sales, facilitating the customers decision making process, and minimizing returns are the three most important arguments for using AR in e-commerce. Augmented Reality constitutes a perfect complement to e-commerce platforms. Thanks to us, you have the opportunity to present your product not only in the form of 2D images, but also in 3D in your browser. Additionally, with only one click, the customer will precheck the product at their home environment before purchasing it.


How can augmented reality (AR) be used in the real estate industry?

Imagine giving your client an opportunity to walk around the apartment before making an appointment to see the apartment / house in real life. Customers has the option of placing an object in the area and walking around it. Thanks to this, when they call to meet you in a real facility, they will have time to overthink their decisions. You, on the other hand, will not waste time on unnecessary meetings.

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