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3D product configurator

Allow your customers to buy the product of their dreams.

We offer dedicated web-based product configurators to provide you and your customers:

  • unparalleled quality,
  • interactivity and involvement in the buying process,
  • personalization of your offerings.

They will get the ability to easily customize their orders, which will increase their involvement and your purchasing chances. With full control over the choice of parameters, i.e. colors, designs and additional options, they will create perfectly tailored products to their preferences.

Our team of experts provides professional support, tailoring the configurator to your industry and specific needs.

Product configurator

3D configurators

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Why cooperate with us?

3D configurators

Our web-based configurators support augmented reality (AR) technology and a dedicated .smm format secures your 3D models.


When designing a solution for you, we take into account its subsequent scalability and automation. Keeping implementation and expansion costs to a minimum.

Comprehensive implementation

Working with us will allow you to commit minimal in-house resources due to the comprehensive scope from 3D Modelling, Design (UI/UX), Development and Implementation.

Precise cost estimate

We prepare a quotation for the solution according to your needs. You decide for yourself which functionalities are right for you.

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What does collaboration look like?

Scope of the project

We will consult on what products and functionality you would expect for your customers.

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3D product configurator – personalization at a new level

Discover unlimited personalization possibilities with our 3D configurator. Now, everyone can become the designer of their dreams, creating products that perfectly match their unique preferences. Whether it's about choosing colors, materials, or sizes, our configurator allows for precise customization of every detail. Personalization at this level means not just more satisfaction, but also a deeper connection between the product and the customer.

AR in the service of sales

Enter a world where AR revolutionizes online shopping. Thanks to the built-in 3D configurator on utilizing augmented reality, customers can "try on" products in a virtual world. This is beneficial for many industries requiring precise fitting, including fashion and furniture, and more. This experience not only enhances the shopping process but also significantly increases customer confidence in their decisions.

Data analysis for better business using the 3D configurator

In the world of e-commerce, data is key to success. Our 3D product configurator provides valuable information that helps understand your customers' purchasing preferences and behaviors. By analyzing this data, you can better tailor your offerings, enhancing their appeal and sales efficiency. With us, you can be sure that your offer is always one step ahead of market expectations.

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