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3D scanning - more real than reality

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3D scanning is a process used to create a digital model of an object. The process involves the use of a 3D scanner. This device uses lasers to scan the object and then uses software to create a 3D model based on that data. The process allows you to create high-detailed modelsthat can further be used for any number of purposes, including animation and gaming.

3D modeling is a broad term, indeed. Nowadays, 3D modeling has become an integral part of many industries. Ever thought about what video games would have looked like without 3D models? We can only imagine that they wouldn't have as much of an awesome effect on the players without that technology. Creating a 3D model can be quite time-consuming and expensive (see how much does augmented reality cost , with which you can generate any model), which is why many people choose to outsource it to professionals who work with 3D scanning on regular basis.

How to understand the concept of 3D design?

The 3D designing is also known as Computer Aided Designing (CAD). CAD is basically a software that is used to design objects in 3D space. It basically works by translating 2D drawings into 3D form. This technology started in the Industrial Revolution era, when it was used to create basic drawings of complex machines like motors and robots, but today this technology is used to produce detailed images of complex objects like airplanes and even some buildings. 3D modeling is an architectural, interior, and exterior designing technique.

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Shape Your Vision with Our 3D Configurators!

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Advantages of 3D modeling

These days, our lives seem to get increasingly complex with each passing day. 3D modeling is being increasingly used as a substitute for hand drawing or 2D sketching now. This sort of tool has great industrial uses and has been giving a tremendous boost to the creative industry, just due to its flexibility and versatility. 3D modeling is a computer-generated form of design that utilizes the concepts of form, color, and lines, offering highly detailed angular drawings without any grids and an unlimited number of views.

Read on our blog also about the benefits of AR in e-commerce.

Active and passive scanners

There are two main types of 3D scanners: active and passive.

Active scanners emit light onto the object, while passive scanners use the light from their environment. Both types have their advantages.

The active ones are more accurate at capturing details like textures and fine lines, but they can be difficult to use if there isn't much light in the room or if there are other reflective surfaces nearby. Passive scanners however are less accurate but easier for beginners because they don't require as much setup time or maintenance as active scanners do. 3D modeling is a very important part of most of businesses now. These days it is not possible to run a tech business properly without a 3D modeling. It has made vast of complex businesses to run easier with the help of various 3D software.

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Author: Krzysztof Basista

Krzysztof Basista


For years, he has been involved in AR / VR projects ranging from entertainment to heavy industry. Always looking for problem solving through technology.

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