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How to increase sales with augmented reality?


Let's be honest here. Technology could be either blessing or the curse for the business. Companies nowadays have to constantly navigate through new technologies, so they don't fall behind on the competition. Not all new and shiny inventions are worthy of your money, though. Contrary to the many promises every business owner finds in their inboxes daily. A "10x boost in sales" may sound tempting at first, but after receiving 100 similar emails and even attempting a few unsuccessful trials, it becomes harder to evaluate the true value of the investment.

While it may be frustrating you'll never be up-to-date with all the latest technology, but there are some innovations you simply can't miss.

In this article you will find out:

  • How VR and AR bring value to customers?
  • How to boost sales with augmented reality AR?
  • Benefits of AR and VR for your sales strategy

How VR and AR bring value to customers?

Virtual reality and augmented reality allow brands to offer their customers unique experiences with the convenience of being in the comfort of their homes. Things that were previously only possible in physical stores are now possible online. Consumers could zoom in to see the product in details, interact with extra content (e.g learning more about product origin through an interactive story) or see how the final product would fit into their home before it's made.

How to boost sales with augmented reality?

Virtual reality is a computer-based simulation of a real environment, and usually involves using special equipment (such as a VR headset or a mobile device) as a conduit between the subject and the virtual reality experience. Augmented reality show any 3D product in your Client’s space using smartphone or tablet. AR also builds the very positive consumer experience.

Augmented Reality brought new possibilities for e-commerce. Companies can now present their products in new attractive ways, tell a better story about the products, and allow customers to modify products in real time.

A good example of how it works and how to utilize augmented reality to boost sales is IKEA. Customers can see the product in their own space within a few clicks. All you need to do is to select the product from the inventory and take a picture of the space you want to place it. The idea behind this was to give consumers more certainty about buying the furniture and create an easier pathway to purchase.

Benefits of AR and VR for your sales strategy

  1. Sell an experience, not a product - Using AR, companies could now show their products in the environment they were made for. Let's say you are selling climbing gear. Now you can demonstrate how useful it would be during high-mountain climbing.
  2. Customize the message - Augmented Reality can be used to adjust your message and emphasize the most important qualities for potential buyers.
  3. Immediate feedback - You could also demonstrate prototypes of your products in AR, getting immediate feedback, without having to sample the product. You can also adjust it to meet the customers' expectations before it hits the market.
  4. Standing out in a crowded world - last but not least you can stand out in a crowded market and tell more immersive stories about your brand and product.

Get to know more about what are the benefits of implementing AR solutions.

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