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What are the benefits of implementing AR solutions in your e-commerce?

What are the benefits of implementing AR solutions in your e-commerce? image 1

You've probably heard about AR augmented reality technology. But what you might not have heard is how powerful of a tool it is for your business – in fact, augmented reality offers endless possibilities that you may find especially useful for e-commerce companies.

In this article you will find out:

  • how you benefit from implementing AR in your business,
  • how it will change your clients’ experience,
  • how AR can help your company become more eco-friendly.

We spend more and more time staring at screens of various sizes. Our realities have become deeply integrated with digital experiences – we have been programmed to rank a brand as superior and inferior based on its ability to dole out digital experiences.

Nowadays, it is necessary for brands to mix reality and technology, like Augmented Reality. After all, it is the only technology that does a pure blending of physical and digital reality – AR offers a series of benefits that businesses cannot ignore.

What are the benefits of implementing AR solutions in your e-commerce? image 2
  1. Step 1: Amaze your customers with a new online shopping experience.
  2. The biggest advantage of Augmented Reality is that it creates unique digital experiences that blend the best of digital and physical worlds. Also, it does not need any special hardware or software to savor the experience. Mainstream smartphones are sufficient to experience Augmented Reality. In fact, the latest developments in AR have even made it possible to experience immersive experiences through web browsers.

    Now how are AR experiences unique compared to other experiences? The most common audio-visual experiences we know of exist either in the physical realm or in the digital realm. Augmented Reality blends digital and physical realities together into one seamless experience that brings people together like never before.

    Shape Your Vision with Our 3D Configurators!

    Shape Your Vision with Our 3D Configurators!

    From concept to creation, our 3D configurators bring your visions to life with stunning accuracy and dynamic interactivity.

  3. Step 2: Engage your clients!
  4. User engagement is just the beginning. It leads to several other benefits – from more spending (look, how to increase sales thanks to augmented reality) to brand loyalty. The key is in providing content that will make them test new solutions, experience it, and engage! Years ago, brands were mainly able to engage with users through print. Right now, companies have endless touch points and possibilities – scannable product labels, interactive ads, catalogs – there are new ways (and there are many more, which you will learn about in the article about modern sales trends) you can reach out to your audience, and AR solutions are at your fingertips to be tested!

    What are the benefits of implementing AR solutions in your e-commerce? image 3
  5. Step 3: Reduce additional costs!
  6. One of the most efficient ways to reduce additional costs is implementing AR. Blurring the line between the real world and the virtual world allows you to 3D visualisation, create a 3D model, and implement it in AR as a prototype of a product, or the whole collection. It’s the perfect way to save both time and money

    It's a great way to save both time and money. With AR, you can see products in your home before you even buy them. You can see how much space a new couch will take up in your living room before it even arrives at your door – in just a few steps, you can improve customer satisfaction rates and reduce return rates. Moreover, by showcasing your product in a digital world, you will save transportation costs.

  7. Step 4: Let’s encourage sustainability!
  8. Do you want to make a change? In the era of global warming, everyone should focus on reducing the carbon footprint. How can AR solutions help you become more eco-friendly?

    Augmented Reality is a technology that incorporates virtual elements into the real world. Instead of manufacturing another product, you can overlay information onto a 3D model – like different textiles or materials. This way, you are giving your customers the ability to experience the product and be climate neutral at the same time!

    Augmented Reality technology is also taking sustainability one step further. AR allows manufacturers to see their products at every stage of the process, so they can make sure that each step is being done correctly – by saving materials, you are not only saving money, but also the planet!

    Do you want to see what it's like to create models using AR? Test our 3D configurator today - welcome!

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Author: Krzysztof Basista

Krzysztof Basista


For years, he has been involved in AR / VR projects ranging from entertainment to heavy industry. Always looking for problem solving through technology.

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