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What is augmented reality?


Augmented reality, or AR for short, is a technology which makes it possible to combine the real world (any objects, characters or places) with computer-generated content. It is sometimes confused with virtual reality, but unlike virtual reality, AR does not create the "virtual worlds" known from, for example, advanced computer games, but in a way imposes a "virtual shell" on objects existing in reality.

To use augmented reality, all we need is a mobile device, i.e. an Android or IOS phone or tablet. In order to use virtual reality, a set of goggles is necessary to effectively separate us from the real world.

The images created by augmented reality are three-dimensional, moving, and may also be enhanced with sound.

Where is augmented reality technology used?

Augmented and virtual reality, the development of which we have seen so far in the computer games market, is moving and developing rapidly in various fields. It is a powerful and effective marketing mechanism enabling a completely new quality of online shopping. It is also used in industry, interior design, medicine and military technology.In the case of the real estate industry, it not only allows a virtual walk-through of a yet-to-be-built flat, but can even create a presentation of an estate with full infrastructure.

Augmented reality is also an excellent tool for navigation - applications using it are already used, for example, at modern airports, shopping and leisure complexes. It is an innovative tool to support the creation of modern presentations and training programmes.

What do augmented reality projects look like in practice?

One of the most characteristic examples of the use of AR is in interior design. You do not need to be an architect or a renovation specialist to pre-arrange the interior of a house or a specific room. Augmented reality not only allows us to view an element from all sides or change the colour, but also allows us to 'try it on' in different places in the room. When planning a bathroom renovation, we can enter the dimensions of the bathroom and then adjust the bathtub, sinks and cabinets by placing them freely, changing their sizes, colours and shapes by making any changes. When designing a house, we can change the shape of the terrace, the type of stairs, the windows or the arrangement of the partitions. You can walk around the house and see the view from its windows before it is built. However, it is important to remember that every time you change the configuration, you need to interfere with the 3D model.

Will augmented reality technology become widely available?

Certainly, augmented reality projects will have an increasing impact on the industries where it is applied. From the point of view of the end user, it will facilitate many activities - shopping, building a house, renovating a flat, changes in interior design. In turn, companies using augmented reality technology will be given a new tool to create excellent presentations in a variety of fields, which will not only help to attract customers, but will work much more broadly - to build and strengthen the image of the entire brand. As AR becomes more popular, the tools to create it in the form of advanced software will also evolve, and playback devices will be upgraded. Media analysts compare the expansion of augmented reality to what has happened over the past decade or so with smartphones. From simple phones with a larger display and internet access, they have become the essential and most used device allowing access to various communication channels, services, location and the use of millions of applications.

It will soon become apparent that most of these functions will benefit from augmented and augmented reality. In addition to the undoubted attractiveness of reception, augmented reality technology will allow significant savings in time and financial resources.

The platform is a place where any user without any knowledge of augmented reality technology can, in a few minutes, convert a 3D model created in the software they are working with into augmented reality, and share the result of their work by sending an automatically generated link, qr code or placing the model on a web page using the generated JavaScript code.

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